While Greece is in crisis, people are still in the mood for creating and playing games!

Read the following story, of two friends who created their own online game of bridge in order to be able to continue playing their beloved game, even when one of them had to emigrate.

vasw-nikaAbout one year ago, two friends, Vassiliki and Achilles, launched their own online bridge application on Facebook, namely, Leonardo Bridge, which has already been endorsed by more than 7,000 playerwats around the world.

But let’s see the story from the beginning…

The story begins in 1998 when two friends, who shared the same passion for music, founded their own recording studio. Some time later,  the cooperation was extended to the design and development of web applications.  Everything went fine until 2004, when Vassiliki was caught by a new “passion”:  Bridge!  A mentally active game played with a deck of cards which, once learnt , cannot easily tear yourself away from…….


While Vassiliki was evolving rapidly in contract bridge, she was trying to convince Achilles to also learn this amazing game.  Eventually, Achilles was persuaded and began to play bridge at home  (known as “partie – libre”).  But unfortunately the crisis in Greece forced Achilles to move to Berlin…

And now what?  How would the friends continue to play their favourite game together?  They tried to play on various online bridge platforms, but something did not go well, these lacked the friendly atmosphere gained when playing the game at home. So Vassiliki and Achilles took the big decision:  They were going to develop their own online bridge platform for Facebook! At that time no one had developed anything similar, also Facebook had all the tools to guarantee the social dimension of the game: The chat, The management of new and old friends, The ability to see whom you are playing with, these were some of the tools that Vassiliki and Achilles exploited to provide an enhanced online experience for bridge lovers, emphasising a number of the game’s graphics to simulate as closely as possible a real Table of Bridge!

When we asked Vassiliki why they named their game Leonardo, the answer came quick and easy: “Because if bridge was invented in  the era Leonardo da Vinci lived, he would have been without  doubt a Bridge Champion!”

Get a glimpse of the game:  Visit Leonardo Bridge on Facebook, by clicking here!